Chester Gap Baptist Church Committees

Committee Index

Board of Directors:

Dale Carpenter (Chairperson), Mike  McCartney, Billy Williams, Ronnie Morris, Fred McDowell,

Ashley Clark, Earl Williams,

Treasurer:  Billy Williams              Secretary:   Dana Atkisson


Ronald Morris (Chairman), Kevin Jeffries, Jeff Williams,

Jeff Grove, Frankie Cameron

Finance Committee:

Billy Williams (Treasurer),  Ronald Morris, Maybelle Gilkey, Mike McCartney

Children and Youth Committee:

Howie Clark, Ashley Clark, Debbie Williams

Benevolence Commitee:

Brenda Ferguson, Jeff Grove, Mike McCartney, Billy Williams

Maintenance Committee:

Gene Ferguson (chairperson) Ward Cash, Jeff Williams, Howie Clark, Fred McDowell, Billy Williams, Mike Harrison, Earl Williams, Jeffrey Grove

Property and Planning:

Maybelle Gilkey, Gene Ferguson, Fred McDowell, Billy Williams


Kevin Jeffries, Debbie Williams, Ashley Clark,Tracey McCartney


Mattie Frazier (chairperson), Edna Grove (chairperson), Charlie Frazier, Jeff Grove, Frankie Cameron, Pat Cameron, Jackie Jennings, Roxzy Jennings, Marissa Jennings, Sherri Ferguson


Charlie Frazier, Jeff Grove, Gene Ferguson, Earl Williams, Floyd Lilly, Frankie Cameron, Howie Clark, Jeffrey Grove, Jeff Williams, Billy Williams, Ronnie Morris,  JC Rudacill, Fred McDowell, Ashby Boone, John Eastham, Jacob McDowell


Charlie Frazier, Ronnie Morris, Jeff Williams, Billy Williams, Fred McDowell,

Frankie Cameron, Jeff Grove, Jeffrey Grove

Sunday Morning Nursery

Ashley Clark

Sunday School Classes:

Betty Lilly-Secretary

Infant-5 Years Teacher-Roxzy Jennings and Connie Williams

Kindergarten-1st Grade-

2nd-4th Grades: Ashley Clark


7th-8th Grades-Dorothy Fogel

9th-12th Grades-Edna Grove

Adult Classes-Mike McCartney, Ronnie Morris, Fred McDowell

Wednesday Night Bible Studies:

Adults-Mike McCartney

Women's Bible Study-Edna Grove

Youth- Fred McDowell

Children-  Ashley Clark


Tracey McCartney

Tyler McDowell

Howie Clark

Jeffrey Grove

Bulletin and Prayer List

Stephanie Williams - Prayer List

Dana Atkisson- Birthdays


Liz McDowell (Chairperson)

Maybelle Gilkey


Tracey McCartney